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Landmark Hospital

About Us

We are committed to improving patients’ lives through increasing the success rates of surgeries for Joint Replacement Surgeries. Our proprietary biopolymer has been specifically designed to increase the healing rates of sports related injuries to ligaments, tendons and cartilage. The polymer can be directly placed into the site of injury by a surgeon during a routine operative procedure without significantly.

Everything you should know about us

Landmark Hospital is extraordinary compared to other and top orthopedic ortho specialists, ortho mind healing facilities in Hyderabad, India.

Here our customers get hip replacement surgery, joint replacement treatment, add up to knee replacement surgery in Hyderabad at exceptionally moderate cost in contrast with others ortho mind healing facility in Hyderabad.

Why choose us

  • Our Mission

    To commit ourselves to spearheading change in joint replacement, constantly seek after advance, and turn into the worldwide benchmark of clinical perfection.

  • 24 Hrs ICU Services

    The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is engineered and equipped to enable us to support patients in their most critical times of need.

  • Our Specialities

    Mastery strong point, committed time and tireless push to convey the beam of want to the patients, Diversified magnificence in orthopedics, world class innovation and uncompromising models of patient care invites you.

  • Our Vision

    To significantly enhance the lives of joint pain patients and those misery from joint related issues, with confirm based, most ideal arrangements and care that are result situated, yet keeping them moderate.

  • 24 Hrs Emergency Services

    Our 24-hour Emergency Department is equipped to handle all types of emergencies trauma, sports, joints, knees, hip, shoulders etc.

  • Quality Policy

    Affordable quality, Satisfaction of patient is relatives and friends, Satisfaction of patient is our paramount duty, Social responsibility through out reach community.

A wide range of Orthopaedic Treatment

We are specializes in treatment of Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Regenerative Medicine. Latest medical technology with the state of art medical facility to provide his patients the best possible outcome.

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